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How To Change the Email Address Associated with Your Bula Account

The following describes how to change the email address associated with your Bula account.

For General Users

  1. Contact your company's Bula administrator so they may contact us with your new email address. Bula will not make such changes, unless contacted by your administrator.
  2.  Upon being contacted by your administrator, we will deactivate your previous account and create a new account for you with the new email address associated with your company.
    1. Notes:
      1. You will receive a Welcome email with new login credentials for the new account
      2. No personally configured details will transfer to your new account, except for your name and email address
        1. Your saved sets of search criteria/reports and their configurations will not transfer to your new account. Please save this criteria, so you can duplicate the reports you want in the new account.
        2. Your Watch List items will not transfer to your new account. Please, note the Bills & Proposed Rules items you have flagged, so you can add them to your new account's Watch List.

For Single Sign-On (SSO) Users

If you are a current Bula user due to an organization membership, you may need to use SSO to access Bula. This means you cannot access the platform through the Bula login page, and do not have a Bula-specific email address.

In this case, you must first visit your organization's member dashboard. There will be a link to Bula Intelligence in the navigation panel that will take you to the Bula dashboard, which  bypasses the Bula login page. You may need to approve that you are leaving your member dashboard, but you will then be taken to the Bula dashboard. No Bula credentials are required.

If you want to change the email address for which you receive Bula reports/search results for sets of search criteria emails and other alerts, please contact the organization to which you belong to update your account's email address with them.