How-to Unsubscribe from Watch List Email Alerts for Bills & Proposed Rules

The following describes how to remove email alerts for bills & proposed rules from your Watch List.

From the Bills & Proposed Rules Database/Search Page:

  1. Go to the Bills & Proposed Rules database/search page
  2. Conduct your search
  3. When you identify the bill or proposed rule for which you wish to stop receiving alerts, you have two options:

Option 1: 

  1. Click the red "Remove from Watch List" button to the right of the item

Option 2:

  1. Click on the item's title to open its specific page from the Bills & Proposed Rules search results page
    1. Click the red "Remove from Watch List" button to the right of its title


      From the Watch List Library Page:

      1. Go to "My Watch List" in the "Settings" drop-down menu in the top right navigation bar
      2. On the Watch List page, click the box next to the bill or proposed rule you for which you wish to remove alerts
      3. Then click the "Delete" button


      1. Adding items to your Watch List triggers an independent email alert to you any time Bula publishes an update to that particular item.
      2. The Watch List is ideal when you want to receive an immediate alert any time there is an update/new event associated with the bill or proposed rule in Bula.
      3. Adding or removing items from your Watch List does not remove it from search results or other reports/sets of search criteria results.

      For Single Sign-On (SSO) Users

      If you are a current Bula user due to an organization/franchise membership, you may need to use SSO to access Bula. This means you cannot access the platform through the Bula login page, and do not have a Bula-specific password.

      In this case, you must first visit your organization's member dashboard. There will be a link to Bula Intelligence in the navigation panel that will take you to the Bula dashboard, which  bypasses the Bula login page. You may need to approve that you are leaving your member dashboard, but you will then be taken to the Bula dashboard. No Bula credentials are required.

      Then follow the above steps.