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Policies and Procedures Manual Templates

The following describes Bula's comprehensive pre-written Policies & Procedures Manual Templates for pharmacies, including answers to the most frequently asked questions and more.

Accessing the Templates

  • Upon purchasing a subscription to the P&P templates and meeting the subscription criteria, your designated user(s) will receive a Welcome email with login directions and password
  • Users log into Bula at in.bulalaw.com
  • Users access the Policies & Procedures Templates from the drop-down menu in the Templates box on the dashboard or the top navigation bar

Templates Format

  • These templates are Word documents, so that revisions and updates are simple
  • Revise any existing content, or write your own policies and procedures using the included blank template
  • The policies and procedures documentation allows for tracking revisions, approvals and corresponding updates for better accountability

Subscribing to the Templates, Subscription Benefits and Important Notes

  1. View the article on purchasing template subscriptions for more information
  2. Visit the Subscription Plans Page for pricing details
  3. All subscriptions are active for 12-month intervals, starting from the date of purchase
    1. During this time, you may access the Policies and Procedures Templates area of Bula as frequently as you wish
    2. You may download the templates manual in its entirety or individual chapters as often as you want
    3. After your subscription expires, you may continue to use the templates, but you will not have access to any updates
  4. It is up to you to check Bula for template updates that may have been posted during your active subscription

Description of the P&P Manual Templates

  • Over 300 pages of comprehensive pharmacy policies, procedures and forms created by the Bula team
  • These are complete templates, not just outlines of what a manual should contain
  • The templates are based on federal law, and are not state-specific
    • Some states have requirements that differ from federal law. We advise consulting a local attorney or your company's legal department to determine if any changes are required to meet state-specific laws. BulaLaw does not provide legal advice
  • Bula does not provide a state-specific checklist of legally required policies and procedures chapters
    • If you have additionally subscribed to the FAQs area of Bula (which includes hundreds of the most frequently asked pharmacy law questions), you can search jurisdiction-specific requirements regarding a multitude of topics for legal compliance
    • The Current Laws section of Bula also contains legal requirements for pharmacy compliance, including the statutes, regulations, subregulatory guidance, newsletters, and minutes across all 52 jurisdictions. Access to this database requires an additional subscription to the templates
  • Sections included in the manual templates include:
    • Policies

    • Standard Operating Procedures

    • Human Resources

    • Customer Service

    • Operations (includes three USP 800 templates, which may be purchased separately)

    • Billing

    • Quality Assurance

    • Record Retention

    • Safety

    • Security

    • Facility

    • Supply Chain

    • Forms

    • Blank Template

  • Click here to view the index of specific chapters within each section of the manual
  • Click here to view a sample of a chapter
  • Templates are reviewed and updated annually at minimum. Due to the dynamic nature of the pharmacy industry, changes may require Bula to make modifications between annual update cycles

Special Projects

  • If you have a request for a template that we do not currently provide, please contact us. We can discuss your needs and whether this is a project we are available to address.