Search Tips and Support

The following are search tips for the Bills and Proposed Rules Database, and Current Law Database.

Searching the Bills and Proposed Rules & Current Laws Databases

  • Use jurisdiction-specific terminology in the search bar
    • Use the terms your targeted jurisdiction(s) use(s) in their legislation when searching Bula
      • Bula uses each jurisdiction’s language in the database
    • Search string example: "hormonal contraceptive" or "hormonal contraception" or "birth control" or "HC" or "pregnancy prevention" or "BC" or "oral contraception" or contraceptive*
  • Search bar tips are available above the search bar (searches are Boolean-powered)
    • Enter multiple words to receive results containing any of the words
    • Narrow results by using Boolean operators (ex.: and, or, not)
    • Search an exact phrase by surrounding the phrase with quotes (ex.: ”birth control”)
    • Search with an asterisk at the end of a word to search wildcards (ex.: contracept*)
  • Your searched keywords are highlighted in the items’ summaries within the results

Current Laws Database

2 ways to search:

  • The Boolean-powered search bar (see above tips), and the filters below the search bar
    • Use “title mode” to list results without summaries
  • Browse laws by jurisdiction and then categories in the left menu

    Bills and Proposed Rules Database

    • Creating reports: to view new data since your last report, choose the appropriate timeframe (ex.: for weekly reports, set the report’s timeframe start filter to 1 week)
    • Download your results in Excel and then sort and filter the file’s columns to see your most relevant and desired data, such as effective date and/or most recent event
    • Watch List: flag specific items to receive Bula real-time email alerts for bills or rules of interest to you as Bula publishes updates to them. This does not remove them from your other reports
    • Select Include future events in the criteria for Timeframe end to see all relevant dates for your results, including those that have not yet taken effect, but are scheduled
    • Initially, don’t use the search bar and topic tags, as not to narrow results